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Default Best certifications to get a job


I want to build up my career as an IT job holder. It is necessary to have a demanding and effective certificate to get a good job now-a-days.
But I am confused of which certification is providing prestigious jobs currently.

Is there anyone who has better experience of IT certifications? Then which one will u recommend for me as the best certificate for getting a good job?
Please suggest!
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Sorry to say but there is no any definite certification which can ensure you to get a job. Its all about proper skill and experience. Yeah certification matters but that's not all. If you want to build your career in IT sector then you should start from the entry level certs thats help you to strengthen your skill base. You can try with CCNA and other ComTIA + certs. You must have these certs before moving forward. But keep it mind don't search for cert only for getting job, take these to make your skill level. Then see you won't have to wait much for a job.
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There are so many certs in IT sector so at first you have to choose a specific area on which you are interested. Otherwise it would be tough to make career in a right way. There are certs in networking, software, Windows and microsoft and so on. So i would also suggest you to take the primary certs CCNA or CCNP. Then according to your demand find your cert and build your career.
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